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Hello! Wolfzzz here, some of you may call me Wolf however welcome to my page.


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9 days ago
New Banking System

False more has been deposited Will get back with an exact number later.

Thanks -Wolfzzz

17 days ago
New Banking System

Hello Stardew!

With the new addition of banking to stardew at the time I'm writing this 295,243 Dollars has been deposited server wide. How much have you guys deposited? 


22 days ago
I have 2 accounts

I think that the Pelicans are overrated change my mind. 



24 days ago
Wolfzzz's Staff Application

1) Information -

  • Username: Wolfzzz_ 

  • Previous Usernames: DuKEZ3_

  • Discord: Wolfzzzz#1488

  • Age: 15

  • Timezone: EST

  • Do you have a working microphone: Yes

  • Can you speak multiple languages: Sadly I am not able to speak multiple languages. Hopefully I take spanish next semester. 

2) How much time can you dedicate to Stardew?

Overall I can dedicate probably 3-7 hours on weekends maybe less maybe more it depends on my situation that current day. Weekdays however are much weaker I would say in total I can only do about 2-4 hours maybe less probably more it really depends on the day.

3) Do you have previous staff experience?

I have been almost every staff ranking in the books from the years of 2014 to late 2016 however I’ll mention some of the more important ones that played a key role in shaping my experience and views on staffing. The most recent ones are AviatorPVP, Valix, and CoveHQ which are some of my notable prescenses there. 


On my other account wolfguy199 I encountered a server in which would probably be the longest server out there for me. If im being honest I don’t quite know if it even had a name however it was running for about a year and averaged 20 staff to 0 players. This was a lesson for a kid my age as I was Head Of Staff on that server I just needed to cut down on staff and just have more active staff. But for what is was It was quite fun it was a minigame server with factions,creative,and Hunger Games. However, this taught me an important lesson as a server administrator back in 2014-2015. (Proof I was on the staff team )


I went from the rank of Builder to Assistant Co-Owner. This server had like 3-4 players on in 2015 when it was around and went from a factions server to honestly A Vanilla Survival then to a Train craft server. However I left before the Train Craft or Vehicle craft came out. During my time there, however, I learned how to use the forums then I learned all the commands in the books for essentials and various other plugins it felt as if I was becoming a “good” staff member. But this server taught me one good thing stuff can take time and effort to accomplish. At my young age going from someone who built builds for the server to one of the highest ranking members was honestly an achievement for me. This played a huge part in my understanding of a team and staff. (No Proof available).


One of the more recent servers one that just didn’t have the funding and care to last it was AviatorPvP. I paid for the server subscription and it sadly only lasted a month. It just didn’t have enough funding but it did have an active 4-7 player base it was truly a good server but no advertising,was a massive downfall. I started at Head-Moderator, which I was in charge of catching hackers, recruiting staff, as well as being an Admin figure. The staff team was much smaller than any other server I had before. I said to limit it to 6 which I accomplished using two methods. A trail for helpers like a trainee rank only with helper perms. And also being harsh on interviews and applications as well as playing time. However to my main learning experience on AviatorPvP. Age is a key role when doing staff. Someone younger than you may have other intentions or other intentions to bring to the server. On Aviator our admin whom was younger abused and this leads to confusion and mistrust upon the staff team. We decided it was for the best to demote him off the staff team later that day. I soon achieved the rank of admin before the server closed due to the Owner leaving I just gave up with no care for the server. Overall it was a good server with just not enough funding and care. (No video proof available). 


Valix is a recent server that is fun and is honestly one of the best prison communities that was out there. When I first joined the server had around 7 people and these people I would know till the end of the server. I decided to apply after I reached 8 in game hours and sent in my application. Little did I know this would be a great decision for me. Soon after I sent this in the server really started to grow averaging 7 at low hours and all the way up to 15-20 at peak. I started at Helper and was shortly made Moderator, from there I didn’t encounter much just a few botting incidents. After about 2-3 weeks I finally was promoted to Sr.Mod with the becoming of the community falling apart. The rumors of Skyblock dropping and the low staff (Which was just 7 members) was becoming less active. Then came the time where our second Owner Kerev (Which finally put us at 8 staff members) returned. The server was getting less active as staff and resources were focused on the Skyblock server and donations were slowing down. But before this marketing was fine and the server was making profit however the owner was not using our money wisely at this time. However, about two weeks into development of skyblock it was released it had good growth in pre-orders. To help with the pre-orders I was assigned with marketing to do some backend things. Then came the day when I reached the rank Administrator on Valix. This was good and bad, Valix had lost one of our helpers and we were short handed between two servers. Without any thought, a decision was made to demote our last Moderation Staff, to our demise this would make players leave. As well at this time our Main Owner and Kerev got  into arguments and lead to Kerev leaving the team. We were now down to about 4 staff. One of these staff would be a great friend and leader along the way a Manager at the time Callet and my other great friend Edah would help guide me through the journey. It was looking okay until our Owner got into some serious Irl trouble and which resulted in him having to leave for about 2-4 weeks. This made people mad discharging and with our community dead in prison as well as bad choices we fell. This story though long would teach me three main lessons, the first of which would be build a strong community. The second lesson would be make the game fun for people who can’t donate and those who can, and lastly don’t make a network with 15 players. (Proof at 16.03 IGN:Wolfguy199 Rank:Helper



My most recent, successful, fun, and learning experiences is being Manager on CoveHQ. After the downfall of Valix me and my friend Callet decided to make a server. It was risky, but we had the support of other communities, we had the funding, experience, dedication, and will to make something truly special. When I say special this was a server that had rarely ever been done before. Think of a factions environment but no claims, raiding is easy with entity raids, but the economy is based around Drugs (crops and other mob drops rename) for players to go out and grow, raid, do koths, events, envoys almost everything a factions server would have. Before we knew it donations before the server was open were pouring in and people loved us, we averaged about 10-20 on release and soon grew from 10-20 on launch to 15-23 on weekends and 7-20 on weekdays. We made a lot of progress along the way and eventually we started making some profit and the server was taking off. So much so we started season 2.

Key Roles I played

On CoveHQ I managed the staff side of things, assisted in marketing, developing, and was sorta a “Co-Owner” role. However manager sounded badass and I really only managed key aspect of the server and had no rights to the server. Then came the time when I stepped up to do some dev work with season 2 and I learned a lot. I did some little things like Configs and stuff as well as perms but it was a great experience nonetheless. 

What Happened?

Well like they say all good things must come to an end and it seems it has. The owner hasn’t talked been seen, or heard from for almost 2 months now and I assume something tragic happened. It seems like the server was so hyped we had so many good ideas,new staff training, players, hardware, improved features and it all went dark. The discord is rotting it went from 150 to 99 now and is dying hard. I’m still registered a Manager but with the server not starting and the owner non responsive I am basically just waiting to hear from him. 

“The Learning Experience”

Cove taught me so much about being staff and the realization of key features. It was a major success and still fascinates me about the 500 unique players that joined the first week and the 22 that would be on at late saturdays. This was the most fun and best time I had on a server. It taught me how to be a dev, how to manage marketing sales, marketing prices, and marketing ranks/perks/pets/tags/unbans/ and whatever else we had. It finally taught me the understanding of managing staff and what to look for when hiring someone. 


A live stream

JMCGamers Video ( Has me in it)


JmcGamers Video Part 2  (Has Me in it)

(If you have any more questions please DM me)

4) Why do you want to apply on Stardew?

Stardew to me feels like an RPG survival with a sudden urge to make me play for hours straight. I don’t quite know what it is as the server is a basic SMP but with a strong, and outgoing community. However overall I want to apply to help lead the community and make a larger impact as staff and help guide new players, players in need of help, and make sure the server is fun and enjoyable for everyone. 


5) Why should we choose you over other applicants?

You should choose me over other applicants as I’m confident, outgoing, dedicated, a quick learner, and overall a strong candidate for the role. I have great experience in almost every department in staff and it seems like I could suite the team well. Lastly you should pick me over other applicants as I love moderating, helping others, growing communities, developing servers, and am very dedicated.

6) What do you think makes a good staff member?

A good staff member is made up of the characteristics she/he has, aspects they have, ideas, thoughts, and experiences. It’s really about if they are nice, well known, well thought of, well experienced, well dedicated and happy, as well as willing to go above and beyond certain aspects of work and tasks. Mainly what makes a good staff member is a lot of care and attention to different aspects of their task and the amount of effort they put in. 

7) What do you see yourself doing as staff on Stardew?

Starting off I of course would see myself as a lower position assigned to a mentor/supervisor and going through the server staff introduction. However in future terms I see myself going through the ranks and driving to eventually leading a group of people/training new staff. I really see myself doing almost anything on Stardew to help anyone out.

8) Have you been punished on our Server or Discord?


9) What do you do outside of Minecraft?

Outside of Minecraft and Video Games I play sports like Soccer and basketball but personally love sports. I do a few Highschool clubs just some boring ones about government, and modern day problems. I wish to later either go into college, trade school, or the military, who knows at this point. Overall I do quite a bit and have a lot of fun outside of gaming. 

10) Have you made any previous applications? If so when?

I have not.

11) Any additional comments?

No further comments at this time.

25 days ago
Hello, Stardew.

Hello there


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