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about 1 month ago
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28 days ago
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28 days ago
Taco's Staff App

Hello Taco. Thank you so much for putting in the time to fill out an application!

Sadly I have to deny it since the reasoning behind your desire to become trainee is not quite what we are looking for, among other reasons. If you have any further questions you can contact me via discord. Soup#9576

You may reapply in 14 days. We hope you continue to support the server and reapply again!

about 1 month ago
My App.

Hey DarthVoider, Thank you for showing interest in applying for Trainee on our server. Unfortunately you have been unsuccessful this time in applying for staff. You are allowed to re-apply in 14 days, Thank you!

about 1 month ago
Hello There Everyone

Hi there, I would like to inform everyone a little bit about myself. My IGN is SlaySoup but most people just call me Soup. I am moderator and will do everything to the best of my ability to help grow and create a fun enviorment for the server. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask myself or the other wonderful staff on the team. I like to play the piano and have classes every Thursday. My discord tag is Soup#9576 for any more information about me, you can contact me there. Have a wondeful day and I hope to see you all on Stardew!


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