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Jakob983’s Staff Application


Username: Jakob983

Previous Usernames: N/A

Discord: Jakob983#9648

Age: 14 years of age.

Timezone: EST (Eastern Standard)

Do you have a working microphone: Yes! I do.

Are you able to record: Yes, I am able to record videos on Minecraft.

Can you speak multiple languages: Sadly, I can not.

How much time can you dedicate to Stardew?

I can moderate server/forums/discord about 50-60 hours a week. Here's a more accurate time-scale:


Monday - Tuesday: 5 PM - 12 AM

(7 hours each day)


Wednesday - Friday: 3 PM - 12 AM.

(9 hours each day)


Saturday - Sunday: 12 AM - 12 PM.

(12 hours each day)


Do you have previous staff experience?

I actually have around 2 years of previous management experience. I’ve been hired for various roles, stretching all the way from Trainee to Admin. Over the past few months, I’ve been staff on about 2 servers. I’d definitely be willing to elaborate on which servers I’ve staffed on, although since this application will be posted publicly on the forums, I will not disclose the server names at this time. (If you’re interested, contact me via discord!) Although, my passion for staffing on servers has lead to me gaining a vast amount of experience, which I’ve found to be very beneficial to me in multiple ways, such as when I find myself in tough situations, I always think back to my prior experiences in hopes of remembering a situation similar to the one I’m currently in,  and most of the time I figure out a way to solve the situation in the most professional and efficient way possible. My experience as a staff member truly shaped me into the staff member that I am today, and I feel that those experiences were essential. 

Why do you want to be staff on Stardew?

I want to be staff on Stardew because I would truly enjoy to be able to help the community to a further extent than answering simple questions. Something I'd say that motivates me to become a staff member would be the fact that the community is very engaged in the chat/forums/discord. This is a huge plus for me, as like I mentioned previously, I'm more of a community type of staff member. I truly feel like I can be myself and the best version of myself whilst being connected to the community, and I love those feelings.  Furthermore, that incapability to be involved or assist in any way besides answering basic questions is and always has been a grave problem for me. Along with my passion for staffing, I also am very passionate about helping others, and making sure that they’re having the best experience as possible on the server. One of the main reasons I apply for staff is to interact and be deeper involved with the community, as I’m more of a “community” type of staff member. 


Why should we choose you over other applicants?

I typically don't like answering questions like this because I believe every applicant has some unique traits that can be useful to the team, although I believe you should consider me over other applicants because I always try to keep the environment as humble as I possibly can. Another benefactor that I'd like to note is the fact that even though I'm from the EST Time Zone, I am still able to cover a vast amount of hours. This will benefit other staff members because they won't have to worry about being online so often. Thus making the amount of hours that I can dedicate to the community very beneficial to everyone because there will constantly be an active staff member online at all times. Additionally, since I do have over 2 years of previous management experience, I know almost every single command when it comes to being a staff member, as well as I know the correct, non-abusive punishments to distribute to those players that break the rules! . I have many talents and qualities that I believe many staff members lack. Two big ones are the fact that I'm very charismatic and empathetic. I attempt to understand the world/people's perspectives through their eyes, and I try to feel what they feel. This can benefit me greatly because it offers a form of "counseling" or something like that for people that need it, but this can also be a weakness. I offer an unlimited amount of energy and positivity to absolutely anyone. I'd say I have a very above-average patience level, and the server can count on me to make sure everything is flowing smoothly and that all rules are being enforced!


What do you think makes a good staff member?

I believe being a staff member means so many things; For example, a few of the many things that being a staff member is about is to ensure that everyone online is having the best experience as possible, and that the staff team is continuously trying their best to create a positive and enjoyable environment for players to play/be in. Staff members should have positive attitudes while being online because positivity attracts and urges players to continue playing on the server, as well as the community becoming more friendly all around. Not only does a staff member need to have a solid amount of previous staffing experience, they also need a vast amount of server knowledge! A staff member needs to know the server as well as they possibly can to give players true information. Furthermore, a staff member needs to be loyal, and dedicate as much time as possible to support the server/community. Additionally, a staff member should be able to identify when to be serious, and when to have a more laid-back persona. Being laid-back has its limits, of course. As a staff member, I believe you must always respect the chain of command in any situation.


What do you see yourself doing as staff on Stardew?

I see myself helping maintain server order and providing any help that players may need. I believe that it is a great role and with a great role comes quite a bit of power, and in the instance that I was accepted, I would utilize the power that comes with that role for nothing but positivity. I see myself providing extravagant ideas and listening, actually listening to opinions is an absolute must, and being apart of the team and actually working as a team is a no-brainer. I feel like this opportunity could be great because I get to help people as much as possible, as well as grow the community and provide fantastic opportunities for the whole server. 


Have you ever been punished on our Server or Discord?


What do you do outside of Minecraft?

Outside of Minecraft, I do enjoy drawing. I draw in my free time, however I typically do not have much free time as Minecraft takes up most of my life. 


Have you made any previous applications? If so, when?


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