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Important Network Rules
Started by DebitCardz



06 Sep 2019

Stardew Rules and Guidelines

This post contains all the information you need to know before playing our server, using our discord or using the forums.

Network Rules:

Vulgar Language -

  • Swearing sometimes is fine but as long as you don't constantly swear or include any hate speech within your messages you should be fine.

Advertisement -

  • You are allowed to post links to for example YouTube but if the link leads to another Minecraft Server or Discord Server or is deemed as malicious that is not allowed.
    This rule also applies to private messages.

Player and Staff Disrespect -

  • You are not allowed to disrespect either Players or Staff for any reasons, Constantly disrespecting players will lead to punishment.

Racism, Sexism, and Discrimination -

  • Disrespecting anyone based on their race, gender or sexuality is an awful thing to do and if you are caught doing it no matter the context you will be instantly removed from the server.

DDoS Threats / Jokes -

  • Threating or joking about DDoSing someone is unacceptable and will instantly lead to punishment.

Suicide Encouragement -

  • Encouraging someone to commit suicide is disgusting, this refers even to saying "kys" and will be punished.

Mini Modding -

  • If you are not a staff member please do not try to act like you are, Report the offenders to staff.

Staff Impersonation -

  • You are not allowed to impersonate staff to attempt to do malicious things under their name.

Scamming -

  • You are not allowed to scam users if you have been reported for scamming and the report was true you will be punished. You will be permanently banned if you were IRL scamming.

Wasting Staff Time -

  • If you purposely mislead staff and waste their time you will be punished.


Server Rules:

Cheating -

  • Unfair Advantages such as XRay and Macros and Duplication Glitches.

Ban or Mute Evasion -

  • Going on an alternate account to bypass your Ban or Mute is not allowed and will most likely lead to an IP Ban or Mute.

Botting -

  • Using bots to attack the server will lead to an IP-Ban. 

Exploiting and Bug Abuse -

  • If you find a bug and don't report it to Staff you will be punished once we find out about it.

Schematica Farming -

  • Using mods such as Schematica or a Macro to automatically Farm, Collect, Replant or Grow crops are not allowed.

Trapping -

  • Intentionally trapping another user in your claim or in a glitched area is not allowed.

0 Tick Farms -

  • Creating 0 Tick Farms will not get you banned however they will be automatically removed.

Raiding -

  • You are not allowed to Grief and or Raid other player's homes or bases.


Thank you for spending the time to read this thread explaining all our Network-wide rules.



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