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Important Changelogs - October 27th
24 days ago

Hi Everybody!

We have been constantly updating and fixing new issues that have arisen from the Server, Discord and Forums!
Here are those changes.

Server Changes -

  • Reduced Sell Price of all Sand/Sandstone.
  • Added Banks.
  • Added new Auto Broadcasts.
  • Optimized the server more.
  • Fixed Tablist names not displaying properly and some ranks being over ranks they shouldn't be above.

Discord Changes -

  • Added a #voice channel which can only be accessed while you are in a voice channel.
  • Changed the colors of Youtube and Harvester rank.
  • Removed Media Category.
  • Removed #m...
Important Unexpected Server Crashes
about 1 month ago

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for the support for the server, we released about 3 days ago and we are so happy about how our community is turning out!


Unfortunately, we haven't been as happy with our server, We have been experiencing unexpected server crashes every now and then which render the server unplayable for hours at a time when an administrator is not there to resolve the issue. We have been working hard to attempt to resolve these unexpected crashes but 1.14.4 is a very unstable version of Minecraft and sometimes it's hard to crack down on these nasty bugs!
If you have any recommendations or suggestions to help optimize the server and or to help prevent these server crashes in the future feel ...

Important October 20th 2019 Changelog
about 1 month ago

Hello Everyone! 

As the server expands many things get changed from when they were first implemented into the server, here are those changes.


Server Changes -

  • Added all varieties of wool in Decoration Shop.
  • Rebalancing some items in the Minerals Shop.
  • Added Barrels to Miscellaneous Shop.
  • Fixed Chat Reaction not coming into chat.
  • Fixed YouTube rank not displaying properly.
  • Fixed some issues with permissions.
  • Removed players from being able to sync and get free keys.
  • Fixed /pwarp
  • Fixed /pshop

Discord Changes -

  • Fixed store announcement...
Important New Forums
about 1 month ago

Welcome to our new Community Forums!
If you encounter any issues contact the Administration Team!

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